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World Trade Press‘ online resources provide access to a wealth of multidisciplinary evidence needed to formulate compelling questions and craft supported answers.

Our comprehensive databases feature factual and citable articles, images, video, and audio detailing the diverse culture, geography, history, economics, civics, foods, and language of 174 countries of the world.

Use our articles and multimedia to pique curiosity and engage students through active inquiry, discussion, activities, and projects in courses including social studies, language, and the culinary arts.

ABC World Culture

ABC World Culture is a comprehensive collection of country culture articles for 174 countries. Topics include greetings and courtesies, gift giving, education, famous people, holidays, superstitions and folklore, history, media, women in culture, national cuisine, recipes, sports, stereotypes, maps, flags, religion, and more.

ABC World Food

ABC World Food is the world's largest and most comprehensive database of food and food culture for 174 countries. This proprietary database includes 884 food culture articles, 6,500 traditional recipes, 600 ingredient articles, historical timelines, glossaries, and 2,000 food quotes. Lavishly illustrated with 14,000 photos.

ABC Food America

ABC Food America provides 7,000 recipes, 650 ingredient articles, vintage food labels and ads, historical what did they eat articles, how food is made videos, and more, AtoZ Food America is the world's largest database of America food, culture, and recipes. Featuring content and information found nowhere else combined with beautiful graphics and illustrations.


ABC the USA is a large-scale encylopedia of U.S. state and country information. State information is arranged into 103 editorial and image datasets for each state. Topics include history, geography, demographics, education, food and recipes, government, crime, maps, media outlets, symbols, sports and more.

ABC Maps Online

ABC Maps Online is a collection of 75,000 royalty-free maps that students and teachers can download and print. Map types include world, country, state, political, physical, outline, environmental, scientific, and antique maps. Also included are visual glossaries, geography games, extensive flag images, and teaching tools.


ABC Lingo LITE helps you learn basic vocabulary in 30 languages from native speakers. Each vocabular entry includes a color photo, a native speaker video, and the word or term in the local language and your native language. Users can change the interface language (also 30 languages) at the click of a button.

Dictionary of International Trade

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The World Trade Press Dictionary of International Trade is the most respected and largest-selling dictionary of trade in the world, with more than 400,000 copies in print. It is in use in more than 100 countries by importers, exporters, bankers, shippers, logistics professionals, attorneys, economists, and government officials.