Our 31st Year

Understanding other cultures helps me better understand myself and my own culture.



  • 174 Country Culture Guides
  • 84 Data categories for each:
    •Country Profile •Culture •Education •Food •Recipes •Famous People •History •Holidays •Human Rights •Language •Language Videos •Life Cycles •Maps •Flags •National Symbols •Religion •Teaching Tools •Lesson Plans •Geography Games •Puzzles


  • Supports students as a one-stop reserach resource for country reports and class projects.
  • Provides teachers with lesson plans and classroom activities.
  • A key resource for international and croxx-cultural studies, the social sciences, women's studies, language studies, and study abroad programs.
  • Supports international students with content availabe in 103 languages.

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Your Passport to Understanding

Improve your students’ cultural intelligence in an increasingly connected world.

ABC World Culture is an online database of information about the culture, language, history, food, religion, and much more, for 174 countries.

ABC World Culture builds understanding about national, ehtnic, and cultural diversity, preparing students to live in the global village of the 21st century. Enjoy a breadth and depth of content unmatched by any other resource.