Our 31st Year

I learned how to combine cultures and foods to create my own unique world fusion dishes.



  • 174 Country Cookbooks
  • 7,000+ Traditional Recipes for: •Appetizers •Soups •Salads •Main Dishes •Side Dishes •Breads •Snacks •Desserts
  • 1,700+ Food Culture Articles
  • 14,000+ Color Photos
  • 700+ Ingredient Articles
  • Reference (15+ modules)
  • New featured country every day


  • Provides library patrons and international food clubs with a cookbook for each of 174 countries.
  • Saves libraries from having to replace lost, stolen, and damaged cookbooks.
  • Provides students with country food and culture information for country reports.
  • Supports non-English speakers with content available in 103 languages.

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Learn World Culture Through Food

People have been connecting with other cultures through food for thousands of years. Knowledge of local food and food culture is a fun, exciting, and essential ingredient in understanding people of another country.

AtoZ World Food is a comprehensive database of recipes and food culture articles for 174 countries. Think of it as a world cookbook for 174 countries, although it’s much more.