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  • Global Mobility Departments get a single, centralized resource that provides consistent coverage of vital travel and relocation topics for 175 countries and 202 world cities.
  • Global assigned employees and their families get on-the-ground knowledge and information they need to be comfortable and secure in their new location.
  • Business travelers get wide and deep information about how to succeed in business locally.
  • Travel service providers benefit from the "sticky content" in Global Local Living to keep clients and prospective clients on their webpages.

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Global Mobility Support

Global-Assignment is the world’s most comprehensive online database of country and world city information designed to help make global assignments rewarding and successful.

Global-Assignment covers four broad topic areas:

  1. ACCLIMATION TO A NEW LOCALE: local housing, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, auto registrations, school systems, local schools, communications, medical, and emergencies.
  2. CULTURE: greetings and courtesies, gift giving, local cuisine, holidays, and language.
  3. BUSINESS PRACTICES: local business context, meetings, negotiations, decision making, attire, and women in business.
  4. TRAVEL: local transportation, points of interest, and safety.