Our 31st Year


  • 100 Country Business Guides •Business Culture •Business Formation •Exporting (5 modules) •Importing (10 modules) •Investment Climate •Money and Banking •Seaports •Taxation •Transportation


  • Provides business patrons with details and up-to-date import/export information for 100 countries.
  • Provides global business students with comprehensive information on import/export, trade terms, letters of credit, shipping containers and more.
  • Includes the complete series of World Trade Press "Short Course Series" of 12 books on teh skills of international trade.

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Conducting business across borders is a complex and dynamic process.

AtoZ International Business provides users with 100 comprehensive Country Business Guides, each of which covers 115 standard topics that are vital to understanding how to do business in and with that country.

AtoZ International Business also contains 79 “trade tools” that range from guides to Incoterms 2010 to letters of credit, and from ocean freight containers to international contracts.