Library Subsidy Program: Second Bottom Line

Big Subsidy for Small Libraries

Second Bottom Line Library Subsidy ProgramWorld Trade Press is committed to serving the library community by providing high-quality, affordable electronic resources. Currently more than 80 libraries subscribe to our databases for under $200 per year as part of the Second Bottom Line Library Subsidy Program. Selling our products for these prices doesn’t add to our first “bottom line” of financial profitability, but it does add to our value as a contributing member of the library information system.

World-Class Products for Those Who Can’t Afford Them

World Trade Press offers this library grant subsidy for our electronic reference products to small rural and underserved communities in the United States and Canada. Our objective is to provide our world-class educational products to institutions that don’t have the resources to pay market rate. Through the Second Bottom Line Library Subsidy Program, we are living out our company‚Äôs stated mission to promote understanding for the Earth and her people by providing educational products that lower informational barriers.

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