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  • Language Learning: Mastering the Vocabulary Slog

    If language is the most social skill, should a foreign language be learned alone? At least in part. That’s the position of a recent article in the Economist, which asserts that digital tools can make language learning far more effective, and can ease the embarrassment …

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  • Ukraine the Great White North? The Implications of Poor Geography

    Only 16 percent of Americans can find Ukraine on a map. This is the embarrassing conclusion of a survey published by three Ivy League professors in the Washington Post earlier this month. The survey’s 2,066 respondents were asked to plot Ukraine on a digital map …

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  • Feature Added to AtoZ World Culture: Lesson Plans

    The World Trade Press editorial team has added a set of 54 detailed lesson plans to the AtoZ World Culture online resource. For anyone teaching language arts, social studies, or a related discipline, these lesson plans will be a huge benefit—simplifying class preparation and engaging …

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