New Training and Marketing Tools

The World Trade Press website has a new Training & Marketing area, which contains links to all kinds of tools for promoting World Trade Press products. These include training resources such as product sheets and product slideshows, plus a variety of marketing pieces like press release templates, posters, and bookmarks.

Any World Trade Press client can use these tools to promote World Trade Press online resources within their institution. So whatever type of subscribing organization you belong to—university, public library, school, government agency, corporation, or anything else—you can use these materials to train your patrons and colleagues on how to use our products most effectively.

You’ve invested in a World Trade Press product, so increase the number of people who benefit by:

  • Using a product slideshow as the framework for a training session to colleagues on a World Trade Press product
  • Adapting one of our press release templates to let your patrons know what World Trade Press resources are available in your library
  • Putting up a poster so that your patrons or students know where to turn for research

The link to the Training & Marketing Materials page is, which you can access via a link in the bottom navigation throughout the World Trade Press website.

More exciting tools are in development, so check back to the Training & Marketing page often for new and updated tools.