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  • Language Learning: Mastering the Vocabulary Slog

    If language is the most social skill, should a foreign language be learned alone? At least in part. That’s the position of a recent article in the Economist, which asserts that digital tools can make language learning far more effective, and can ease the embarrassment …

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  • Ukraine the Great White North? The Implications of Poor Geography

    Only 16 percent of Americans can find Ukraine on a map. This is the embarrassing conclusion of a survey published by three Ivy League professors in the Washington Post earlier this month. The survey’s 2,066 respondents were asked to plot Ukraine on a digital map …

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  • New Training and Marketing Tools

    The World Trade Press website has a new Training & Marketing area, which contains links to all kinds of tools for promoting World Trade Press products. These include training resources such as product sheets and product slideshows, plus a variety of marketing pieces like press …

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  • World Trade Press Signs Partnerships in Australia and Japan

    World Trade Press is proud to announce that it recently signed distribution agreements with two highly respected companies: James Bennett in Australia and the Maruzen Company in Japan. These companies will distribute the World Trade Press suite of online resources— including AtoZ World Business, AtoZ …

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  • Feature Added to AtoZ World Culture: Lesson Plans

    The World Trade Press editorial team has added a set of 54 detailed lesson plans to the AtoZ World Culture online resource. For anyone teaching language arts, social studies, or a related discipline, these lesson plans will be a huge benefit—simplifying class preparation and engaging …

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  • Show a Historic Sensibility or Simply Start a Conversation with Antique Maps

    Vintage maps, including panoramic (bird’s-eye) views, are elegant and historic pieces of art found in many of the country’s best museum collections. These vintage art prints are high-quality digital scans of the actual antique maps. The early days of mapmaking highlighted the pioneering spirit of a bygone …

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  • 120,000 Copies of the Illustrated Guide to Incoterms® 2010 Have Now Been Distributed Worldwide

    World Trade Press recently reported that 120,000 copies of its Illustrated Guide to Incoterms® 2010 have now been distributed worldwide as a downloaded pdf and in print. Incoterms® 2010 is a set of uniform rules for the interpretation of commercial terms defining the costs, risks, …

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  • YouTube Video about the
    Dictionary of International Trade
    by Author Ed Hinkelman

    The World Trade Press Dictionary of International Trade is the most respected and largest-selling dictionary of trade in the world. With more than 340,000 copies in print, the 9th edition of this industry standard handbook is now in use in more than 100 countries by …

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  • World Trade Press Makes Semi-Finalist in Small Business Contest

    Among hundreds of entries, World Trade Press reaches the Top 50 in American Airlines’ small-business video contest. Now, you can help us make the Top 5 by voting for our company video.

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  • Liberation in Squares

    The central squares of great cities are a double-edged sword. A central authority needs places to put itself on display so the people can feel its presence. Then, in times of upheaval, these areas become places where the government must look at its people. Liberation …

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